The small family-owned Pirgovo Winery values quality and genuine wine.

We produce the well-known drink of the gods from pure products grown under all bio-production standards. We choose carefully each grape of the grapes to make sure that the final result will be unique in flavor, sparkling, with the distinctive of the variety color, density and bouquet of wine aromas.

Grapes are processed in chromium nickel vessels to ensure that after fermentation we get a high quality product with specific characteristics and to avoid side-flavor.

For the maturation of wine, Moysev family has chosen oak barrels of high quality materials. Thanks to the fact that the cellar is housed within a rock, accessible through a tunnel lined with stones, we maintain a naturally constant temperature and humidity, which create ideal conditions for wine aging.

Thus we are sure that we offer a genuine product that is also worthy of the most demanding wine connoisseurs.

After passing the process of maturation, we bottle the wine in glass bottles and bag in box packs. We also offer bulk wine.