The story goes that Midhat Pasha, a prominent Turkish statesman who lived in Ruse for 3 years as vali of the Danube Vilayet, loved to guest at the homes of the Bulgarians in Ruse and the surrounding villages. He used to secretly try their thick red wine, which would not let even daylight get through it. He could not resist the aromatic red wine produced in Bulgarian’s wineries.

... It's been a long time ago. Only the legend is what was left. Everything else has changed. The land is not the same, the vineyards, the wineries... But it seems that wine for the gods can still be produced and drank in Ruse. Pirgovo Winery has preserved the spirit of the old wine production.

Elderly people still remember the old wine family of Moysevs and their unique white and red wines.

It all began in the early 19th century when Stoyan Moysovski arrived from a distant village near Ohrid in Turkey and settled in Ruse. The local authorities issued him a passport with the name Stoyan Moysev. This was the beginning of the Moysev family. His younger son, Hristo Moysev, bought the neighboring lands bordering his father’s fields and planted vineyards. They were on a slope and most of the day the sun shone on the grapes. Thus the Moysev vineyards gave the name of the hill - Moysev Bair, as it has been recorded in the registers.

Hristo Moysev was a man of enterprise. He sowed wheat, barley and oats, produced boza (a popular on the Balkans sweet non-fermented or slightly fermented beverage prepared by boiling grain cereal), raised sheep, had several dairies, and also supplied ashlar for the harbor in Rousse, but his heart was in wine and vines. That's why no one realized when in 1940 he bought land on a high, steep and unattractive hill at the end of the village of Pirgovo. They used to stop him and ask: "What do you need this land for, what do you intend to do with it?" And he used to answer: "Don’t ask, just watch! When it happens you’ll see!"

Driven by his passion and love for wine, Hristo Moysev made a kind of winery that no one had ever seen before. Lined with limestone. He dug in the ground a 30 meters cellar, where he put 500, 800 and 1000 liters wooden barrels to mature wine at constant temperature and humidity. He dug up tank seats in the ground and brought huge 10, 15 tons of wine vats. Hristo Moysev's cellar processed a large quantity of the grapes from the region and he made wonderful wine, which he sold not only in Ruse but also in Romania.

With the adoption of the State Spirits Monopoly Act, Pirgovo Winery was forcibly nationalized. Owner of the cellar became Vinprom Ruse, then it was transferred to the Pirgovo Cooperative Farm until its liquidation.

In 1992 the cellar was returned to the sons of Christo Moysev - Stoyan Moysev and Atanas Moysev.

Since 2003 the winery has been restored and managed by the grandson of its founder, Yordan Atanasov Moysev.


“To me wine is not only a drink of the gods, it is passion, love and dedication.

In the production of every barrel of wine, I monitor the whole technological process to make sure that Pirgovo Winery will preserve its traditions of making unique and genuine wine.”

Yordan Moysev